Project Financing

Project Financing

WADAAG Investment  finances selected long-term and short-term infrastructures which have a positive impact on the economy. 

These include small industries projects, and public  and private owned enterprises. In doing so, WADAAG investment will use products which are fully compliant with Islamic Sharia.

  • Our team of global experts help you achieve sustainable, organic growth by focusing on three critical financial building plans, an outside-in approach that puts your project succeed , and  a uniquely great  experience and internal capabilities that ensure you deliver optimal step at every touchpoint. 

Finance a Project

We are Always Ready to Assist Our Clients.

To actively know your financial standings so that we can categories your financial interest and accommodate it with suitable plans

Our Objectives

  • Investing in development projects.
  • Implementing affordable shares
  • To carryout a full study and risk analysis before a project is financed.
  • To give Priority and target resources to production projects.
  • To create an environment where different regions compete in the finances of projects which are well researched and documented.
  • To unlock the potential of the community in delivering growth and stability.
  • To invest in inclusive projects which assists the local people to engage and fully participate in the economy.