Investment Management

Our Investment Management

WADAAG Investment  handles financial assets and devises a short- or long-term strategy.

  • Invest only in sharia compliant areas
  • Focus on Long Term Capital Growth for the Investor
  • Bottom-up Approach Based on Fundamental Analysis
  • Unconstrained by Geographical Regions of Somaliland, Somalia or East Africa
  • No Hidden Costs or Complex Structures
  • Rigorous Oversight on Strategy and Investment Style

Investment Management & Strategy

Whether you are actively trading or investing for the long term, our platforms are filled with innovative tools and features to give you everything you need to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Our Objectives

  • Investing in development projects.
  • Implementing affordable shares
  • To carryout a full study and risk analysis before a project is financed.
  • To give Priority and target resources to production projects.
  • To create an environment where different regions compete in the finances of projects which are well researched and documented.
  • To unlock the potential of the community in delivering growth and stability.
  • To invest in inclusive projects which assists the local people to engage and fully participate in the economy.