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Project Financing

WADAAG Investment strives to further its Investments in companies operating industries and diversify its portfolio to include a variety of sectors, including: manufacturing, education, healthcare, trading, hospitality and significantly increase its real estate portfolio, as our funding management service  ensures that the maturity schedules of your deposits coincide with the demand for potential loans. To do this, we looks at both the liabilities and the assets that influence the bank’s ability to issue credit.

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Our Objectives

  • Investing in development projects.
  • Implementing affordable shares
  • To carryout a full study and risk analysis before a project is financed.
  • To give Priority and target resources to production projects.
  • To create an environment where different regions compete in the finances of projects which are well researched and documented.
  • To unlock the potential of the community in delivering growth and stability.
  • To invest in inclusive projects which assists the local people to engage and fully participate in the economy.